Sunday, February 28, 2010

Prologue: Pleasantview

Chapter Eighty-Five: Mariel Has The One Thing To Say

Chapter Ninety-Two: Kvornan Sees The Invisible Axle

Chapter Ninety-Three: Jack Leaves The Better Man Behind

Chapter Ninety-Four: Macaulay Stares Down The Barrel

Chapter Ninety-Five: Addison Pronounces The Sentence

Chapter Ninety-Six: Ermengarde Is Shown The Snake And The Swan

Chapter Ninety-Seven: Ahriman Refuses The Thought

Chapter Ninety-Eight: Kvornan Faces A More Appropriate Homecoming

Chapter Ninety-Nine: Isabella Hears What The Walls Know

Chapter One Hundred: Jack Witnesses The Deed

Chapter One Hundred One: Addison Meanders Around A Blessing and A Curse

Chapter One Hundred Two: Sabina Leaves No Trace

Chapter One Hundred Three: Hyperion Is Manipulated

Chapter One Hundred Four: Siren Draws The Curtain

Chapter One Hundred Five: Donald Hears A Myth

Chapter One Hundred Six: Lydia Sways Upon The Brink

Chapter One Hundred Seven: Oona Catches The Dark Side

Chapter One Hundred Eight: Ian Cannot Account